EASA and CAAS (Singapore) signed an MoU on Urban Air Mobility During EU-ASIA Summit

  • October 23, 2022


The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) signed an agreement with the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to collaborate on areas such as personnel training and safety regulations and will work more closely with their European counterparts to make widespread unmanned drone use and flying taxis a reality.

With that understanding, both authorities want certification standards to keep pace with this rapidly developing industry that is expected to be worth $75 billion by 2035 and have operationally ready flying taxis as early as 2024.

Singapore is planning to establish its first commercial flying taxi service in the next couple of years, which coincides with the goals set by France to launch such a service for the Paris Olympics Games in 2024.

“In the last few years, we have seen quantum leaps in unmanned aircraft systems and Urban Air Mobility development,” CAAS Director-General Han Kok Juan said during the signing of an MOU, under which CAAS and EASA will hammer out safety standards and develop harmonized safety certificates for flying taxis and drones. “Deployment and realizing their full potential will require the attendant development of regulation, to assure safety and security and to build public confidence and acceptance. We have reached an inflexion point.”

“There is a common need to establish international standards… even though most operations will be at a more local level”, according to Luc Tytgat, EASA Director Strategy and Safety Management. “We may be the first with these proposals, but we do not want to be first and alone”. The EU was the first to publish regulation for drones in 2019 and in March 2022 the world’s first guidance for the Vertiports’ design for the take-off and landing of air taxis.

“Urban air mobility will transform the way we live, move and work,” stated CAAS Director-General Mr. Han. “Drones and air taxis have the potential to make the delivery of everyday goods and services cheaper and more convenient, while making maintenance and inspection works of machines safer for workers”. 

In the EU-Asia Symposium which took place in Singapore 18-21 October 2022 on unmanned aircraft systems and urban air mobility participated more than 20 Civil Aviation Authorities from Europe and Asia. Countries like India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Nepal also begin to consider the introduction of more environmentally friendly, efficient and safe air transportation systems.

Credit to: ATOS

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