FRONTEX Invitation to Online Industry Day

  • September 30, 2022

Frontex is inviting commercial operators offering services in the area of adversarial testing and evaluation of counter-unmanned aerial systems (C-UAS) and low-flying object (LFO) detection systems to an online Industry Day on October 6, 2022.

Low-flying objects include a broad set of aerial systems such ultra-light aircraft, paragliders, balloons or any other aerial apparatus used on low-level airspace. The illegal use of these systems, especially drones, has become a pressing security concern across the world in the recent years. Criminals and terrorists are adopting these technologies and developing new creative ways to commit crimes and conduct illicit activities, such as hostile reconnaissance, smuggling of drugs, currency, weapons, and documents and facilitating irregular migration.

Member States and experts from the European Border and Coast Guard community have pointed out the need for effective, cost-efficient technical systems that can detect, track and identify these types of objects. To identify the best, technology-agnostic solutions, this complex technical and operational challenge requires comprehensive testing and evaluation that simulates real-world threats.   

The Industry Day will allow industry representatives to share their latest portfolio of products and services with the Agency and Member States through live virtual meetings.

The Agency is seeking comprehensive information from service providers on their C-UAS / LFOs testing and evaluation capabilities.

Capabilities of interest include:
• Provision of C-UAS / LFOs adversarial testing and evaluation turn-key services in real-world conditions.
• Diverse portfolio of threat-emulating aerial platforms (commercial off-the-shelf UAS, DIY UAS with FPV or autonomous capabilities, biomimetic aircraft, ultra-light aircraft, paragliders, autogyros, balloons, etc).
• Experienced professionals on operating UAS and LFOs in adversarial T&E sorties
– Able to simulate the threat spectrum of clueless/careless/criminal modus operandi
– E.g. scenarios: hostile reconnaissance, support to irregular migration, payload smuggling (contraband), deception, cyber/data exploitation, and CBRNE.
• Modelling, Simulation and Analysis (MS&A) with data collection
– This may include independent TSPI (Time, Space, Position Information) tracking devices
– EM spectrum monitoring
• Experience with threat vulnerabilities and risk assessment (TVRA) frameworks
– Including experience with organizing penetration/exploitation testing under Red and Blue teaming.

If your company is interested in attending the Industry Day, please register in the link in the comment section by 4 October 22 (Tuesday).

Credit to: Tiago M. Lanca, FRONTEX