Skyports and Hanwha collaborate to build vertiports in South Korea

  • June 11, 2021

Skyports has entered into another collaboration with South Korea’s Hanwha Systems for the construction of advanced air mobility (AAM) infrastructure. This two companies will work on creating infrastructure, flying services and a mobility platform.

The first Skyports air taxi vertiport was erected in Singapore’s Marina Bay region in 2019 to conduct experimental flight with Volocopter eVTOL aircraft. Skyports is also working on AAM infrastructure projects in Paris and London, as well as in North America and Asia.

Hanwha intends to use its partnership with Skyports to deliver AAM services both worldwide and in South Korea. According to Skyports, the AAM infrastructure technology will be developed to suit VTOL aircraft operator expectations while meeting environmental aims. All the experience that Hanwha Systems has in offering smart technology solutions across aerospace sector makes them a crucial partner for Skyports. Their solution-focused, customer-first approach is completely consistent with Skyports’ ideal and from the company are excited to expand this collaboration. Skyports also offers drone delivery services in addition to collaborating with Hanwha.