A Revolutionary Approach to Air Taxis for the AAM Advanced Air Mobility Market

  • October 26, 2023

Payerne – Switzerland : In the rapidly evolving field of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), the eZELOS Twin-Hybrid stands out by combining the reliability of a helicopter with a twin-hybrid powertrain, eliminating the limitations of all-electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft overcomes.

While many AAM projects focus on “zero-emission” electric flights, eZELOS recognizes the challenges of electric technology, including heavy, expensive batteries with short lifespans. The eZELOS Twin-Hybrid addresses these issues with a twin-hybrid propulsion system that combines internal combustion engines (ICE) for cruise flight and electric motors for takeoff and landing.

Key benefits of eZELOS S4:

  • 50% less CO2 emissions compared to current platforms
  • 60% reduction in operating costs compared to traditional helicopters
  • Extended range that outperforms all-electric counterparts
  • Reliability and security with dual power redundancy
  • Versatile applications beyond urban air mobility
  • Weather-resistant design based on proven helicopter principles

Certification for commercial operations is critical in the evolving AAM market, and eZELOS is well prepared to meet regulatory requirements with security as a top priority. The first prototype is scheduled to fly by the end of the year and represents a milestone in hybrid aviation.

In response to demand, eZELOS Twin-Hybrid now offers 3 passenger seats for greater cost efficiency and capacity. Globally, 55 countries and 153 cities/regions are planning air mobility services with 89 routes indicated, and it suggests that intercity services will dominate (40-200km).

Designed for a range of 500 km, eZELOS adapts to advances in sustainability with a focus on continuously improving battery density.

UASystems SA, Switzerland will show at the Dubai Airshow a 1:5 model eZELOS S4 and some movies from the 1:1 upcoming demonstrator.

Credit to: UASystems SA