Leo Aerial Systems Continues to Shape UAM Future with V4 Heavy-weight eVTOL Test Flights in Sofia

  • October 22, 2022

Leo Aerial Systems www.aerialsystems.eu performed a series of test flights of V4 Heavy-weight eVTOL flying it through the skies of Bulgaria during the Drone Expo in Sofia. The V4 test flights took place at an airport test field near Sofia as part of a project initiated by Leo Aerial Systems and the European Association for Autonomous Transport and Open Systems – ATOS in the presence of diplomats and international observers.

The successful series of test flights in real conditions proved V4 aircraft with a 100 kg payload is ready to be integrated into the open, safe and efficient U-Space environment, which is another major step forward for aviation and Leo Aerial Systems after the success of the previous V3 Heavy-weight project eVTOL with a much bigger payload. It is a great reward for the R&D company from Sofia which is shaping the future of urban mobility.

Leo Aerial Systems follows a pragmatic and scaled approach by transition from heavy-weight cargo to their Passenger LEO eVTOL Prototype Project, thus exploring the advantages of the innovative technologies effective integration into the existing space operations.

Credit to: Leo Aerial Systems www.aerialsystems.eu