TuSimple and Liberty Mutual research for Safety Benefits of Autonomous Trucks

  • May 21, 2021

TuSimple and Liberty Mutual Insurance have announced their collaboration to assess the comparative safety of self-driving trucks. This collaboration is aimed in identification of autonomous technologies’ performance in comparison to human-driven trucks of the same type.

They believe autonomous vehicles have significant benefits and will play an important role in decreasing truck-related fatalities in the future. It is a fact majority of accidents are caused by distracted, impaired or fatigued driving – all of which are eliminated by autonomous driving. Expectations are to reveal significant safety benefits when TuSimple’s autonomous driving technology will be used. Both companies are excited that their experience will be incorporated by implementation of cutting-edge technologies in the truck and logistics industries.

TuSimple’s operates a fleet of 50 L4 self-driving trucks in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas. Company also transports freight for customers including UPS, U.S. Xpress, and Berkshire Hathaway’s McLane Company and etc. and plans to expand the Autonomous Freight Network from coast-to-coast by 2024. TuSimple was founded in 2015 is developing a commercial-ready Level 4 (SAE) fully autonomous driving solution for long-haul heavy-duty trucks aiming to transform the global truck freight industry with its leading proprietary AI technology, which allows trucks to see 1,000 meters away, operate nearly continuously and consume 10% less fuel than manually driven trucks.