Textron delays entry to UAM space

  • May 17, 2021

Textron officially announced that their service (EIS) target date for the eVTOL projects will be delayed. On this announcement was noted that battery technology has not yet reached the critical level required to the company’s UAM visions. From the company shared that those elements are highly important in that industry. Textron would never process a new airplane, whether fixed-wing or vertical take-off and landing, unless it had the correct propulsion system in place to ensure its success. And also added that it has a lot to do with battery technology. So, clearly, they are working on it, and will make the next move when the time is right.

            Textron’s eAircraft branch, which was recently founded, brings together experience from Textron Aviation, Bell and Textron Systems. Bell is most known for the Nexus project, a multi-rotor ducted fan arrangement that Textron officials consider to be a winner.

            Bell/Textron has been a long-time leader in vertical flying across the world. Its experience and hesitation to enter the market might suggest a dose of realism amid soaring investments and SPAC agreements among competitors that have never constructed and tested an airplane. However, it’s possible that younger firms have been flexible enough to develop unique solutions that fit with existing battery technology. Regardless, Textron and Bell’s extended experience in the vertical flight sector established a benchmark for what would be achieved in the future. When they finally develop an aircraft, it will certainly be well-known in the industry. As battery technology improves, expect Textron and Bell’s Nexus project to become more active in the coming years.

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