Ferrovial builds vertiports’ network in Spain funded by EU

  • March 29, 2021

The Spanish infrastructure and airport management group Ferrovial Airports went public with plans to develop a network of 20 vertiports in Spain. This project aims to obtain a grant from the European Union Recovery Fund. An application for a grant of an unspecified amount has been filed with the respective Spainish administrations.

IDOM is the Spanish transport and engineering consultancy who is doing the design of the vertiports. Data specialist DatActionS is involved with identification of the locations for the vertiport-facilities and is in the process of estimation of the passenger demand for eVTOL aircraft flights.

The Spainish Tecnalia, the German Lilium and Airbus are in Ferrovial’s eVTOL developers wishlist. A partnership with Lilium has already been announced for the development of a network of ten vertiports in Florida, US.

Ferrovial made no mention of the Enaire project in its February 8 announcement. The group has conducted airport developments at 33 locations worldwide, including in the U.S., Australia, and Chile. In the UK, it is the main shareholder of London Heathrow Airport and has 50 percent stakes in Glasgow, Southampton, and Aberdeen.